Lorine Pendleton is a long time advocate of leveling the playing field for women and diverse entrepreneurs. Her background is in business development executive with extensive marketing, strategy and sales experience in legal, entertainment, and tech. Named by Marie Claire the “50 Most Connected Women in America” and by Medium the “200 Women of Color to Follow on Twitter.” Pendleton is a member of Pipeline Angels and investor/advisor to women and diverse-led companies.


Julia Pimsleur, the Founder of Million Dollar Women (MDW), is a scaling coach, author, and accomplished entrepreneur. She is passionate about helping women founders “go big” after founding and scaling up Little Pim, her language teaching company and writing the best-selling book, Million Dollar Women (Simon & Schuster). Pimsleur is a long-time advocate for gender and racial economic parity. She has raised a combined $26M in nonprofit and philanthropic dollars, and is avid about more women raising capital. She founded MDW in 2016 and held the first Summit in 2017. Pimsleur lives in New York City with her two boys and speaks all over the world on women and entrepreneurship.



Our Advisors include graduates of Million Dollar Women, entrepreneurs and Angels and VCs who invest in women of color. They are helping to shape the program and connect us to funding, resources, and additional mentors.



Nnamdi – Co-founder of 645 Ventures

Nnamdi is the co-founder of 645 Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund focused on investing in Internet and software companies. Investment areas include data analytics, online marketplaces, and SaaS software.

Natalie Mackey

Natalie – Co-Founder, The Glow Concept

Natalie Mackey is the co-founder and CEO of Glow Concept, a multi brand cosmetics house focused on rapid-fire development and cutting edge digital marketing. Glow Concept owns Winky Lux and Laqa & Co.

In 2014 she noticed a lag in time from what she saw on YouTube to what she could buy from a prestige brand. In 2015 she partnered with Nate Newman to create Glow Concept, a cosmetics house that could design and launch products in as little as 45 days.  This year Glow Concept will generate north of 13 million in revenue.


Maria – Strategist and Founder, La Voila Beauty

Maria is a serial entrepreneur. In college, she founded, an online shipping and storage company (now Collegeboxes by U-Haul) and in 2016, she sold her second venture, La Voila Beauty, an on demand beauty business. Maria has also worked as a strategy consultant, branding and marketing executive and CEO.

“In Masterclass I realized that even though I was always busy as a CEO, the bulk of my activities were not focused on the right things. Now I have shifted my focus to strategy, team and money – and the results are incredible! I have new partnerships, recruited stronger team members and turned my attention to fundraising more than ever. Thank you!!”

Denise Hamilton

Founder and CEO, Watch Her Work


Women Who Dare is seeking support in the form of: Individual Philanthropy, Foundation Grants/Family Foundations, Corporate Philanthropy, Corporate Sponsorships and Mentors in business, tech and finance.